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Cost For Rideshares & Taxis?


Companies like Uber and Lyft offer convenient apps to book rides 24/7. The downside? Hidden fees, per mile costs, surge pricing, and unreliability - all red flags in our book.


Uber's surge pricing (when rides are in high demand) can be anywhere from 2x to even 9x higher than their regular fare! Drivers can also cancel rides at will, which means your ride isn't guaranteed to be on time—or even to show up at all!


Cabs are expensive because they charge by the mile. In fact, you'll have to rely on your driver to know the fastest route or you'll pay the price! Sometimes paying for these services will have your pockets feeling empty, even costing you as much as $50.00 or more to get you to work.


How Is Cabbage Car Different?


With Cabbage Car, our services are designed around you to deliver reliable, affordable transportation to make your daily work commute a breeze.


We charge a flat rate—that never changes—to save you money and to get you to work on time, whatever your schedule. Our 24/7 shuttle service makes the daily commute affordable, relaxing, and most importantly, consistent and reliable.

Surge fares, parking and fuel costs, and unreliable rides from other companies are all reasons to consider Cabbage Car for your commute.

Psst—did we mention the free Wi-Fi?

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